Sunday, November 23, 2014

Albums I Am Currently Listening to

Emmon: Aon
I recently discovered Swedish electropop artist Emmon recently released a new album via Spotify. I listened to it and I quickly fell in love with the music. I ended up ordering a copy of the album from her label Wonderland Records. Another album to add to my large list of my best of 2014 list. Emmon's music reminds me a bit of local artists Aby Wolf and Tiny Death. This is one of the best electropop albums of 2014 if you ask me and I think people would be foolish to not listen to Emmon's music.

I have to admit I find myself liking their previous EP We Are Watching slightly more because the music had stronger melodies. Don't get me wrong I love Cosmic Armchair. I do like the original track as well as the other two tracks "Just One Look" (club mix) and "Marching of the Days" (synthpop mix). It might not be as catchy as their other songs but it still has a good pop hook. Of the two remixes, I only liked F.X.H Floating With the Clouds edit. Touch the Sky Dub. Just didn't appeal to me. I personally found it monotonous then again I am not a fan of dub mixes. Never have been since my trance days.

William Orbit: Pieces In A Modern Style Vol.2

William Orbit: Hello Waveforms

I recently picked up some William Orbit music from the library this past week. Great music to chill out to. I particularly like the Hello Waveforms album in particular.

I can't stop listening to the new Hanzel und Gretyl album. It is so in your face brutal and obnoxious. I love it! It is best listened to as loud as possible.

La Roux: Trouble in Paradise
I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the second album by La Roux when I check it out from my local library. I really wasn't crazy about the first album.

Of course I had to mention this album :). I won't say anything more about it since I wrote my thoughts about the album last night.

Heart: The Essential
I have been enjoying the shit out of this two disc compilation of songs by Heart lately, especially the second disc featuring their hits from the '80s and '90s which I grew up on. I think my favorite Heart album from my childhood has to be Brigade. Unfortunately I still that POS shit song "All I Wanna Do (is Make Love to You)" by Mutt Lange (need I say more?). lol

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