Saturday, November 15, 2014

An Evening With Unwoman at Amsterdam Bar and Hall on 11.13.14

Thursday night I had the immense pleasure of seeing Unwoman perform live at Amsterdam Bar and Hall. It was just Erica Mulkey and her electric cello. Well her and local dj DJ Fenris who spun music in between her two sets. Kudos for DJ Fenris for playing music that really captured the essence of the evening's live performance. He did a wonderful job. Unlike other Kilted Farmer Koncert shows, the Unwoman show was a sit down, intimate live performance. The show was very mellow compared to say September's Hocico concert. That is alright with me. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I have listened to a lot of Unwoman's music via bandcamp in the past few weeks to get ready for the show and I really liked what I heard from Erica. I have to say that Thursday's performance is easily one of my top ten highlights of 2014. I really enjoyed the intimacy of the show as well as Unwoman's music. I was quite enchanted with both sets. Thoughts of Rasputina, Amanda Palmer, and Emilie Autumn (minus the theatrics) immediately popped in my head. Through out the night, Erica talked briefly about each song before she would play them. You don't get that with a lot of artists but I liked that Erica Mulkey took the time and care to explain each song to the audience. After the show, my friend Renee of Aztalan Turf Podcast interviewed Erica Mulkey and then had a few members of the audience ask her a few questions. You can hear the interview on Renee's podcast here. I left the venue with a copy of the newest Unwoman album Circling which I absolutely love and definitely recommend for my readers to hear on her bandcamp page.

Of course the obligatory slide show and video clips that I have become notorious for providing for my readers ;).
goth_maven's An Evening with Unwoman album on Photobucket

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