Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My favorite metal albums of 2014

I am not really a big heavy metal fan but I will listen to it if I find the music appealing. I thought I would share my personal favorite metal albums I heard this year.

I am so loving the new Hanzel und Gretyl album. Black Forest Metal totally makes up for the dismal Born to Be Heiled from 2012. I got the same excitement over Black Forest Metal as I felt when I first heard Uber Alles ten years ago. I was totally blown away by how heavy and aggressive the music sounded and I loved it.

Arch Enemy: War Eternal

I am new fan to Arch Enemy's music. I got into their music a few years ago with Khaos Legions, Angela's last album with the band. I became more enthusiastic about their music when Alyssa White-Gluz joined the band last year. The band's latest album with Alyssa as their lead singer is in my book fantastic.

Eluveitie: Origins

This is a nice new find for me this year. I found a copy of the band's new album at the Electric Fetus' annual fall garage sale. I really like this album a lot. Excellent mix of folk and black metal.

Epica: The Quantum Enigma

I was definitely surprised by how much I enjoyed this album considering that I didn't care for their previous album. The music is more melodic and doesn't veer into the prog-rock territory as much as the last album did. Better production on this album as well.

Within Temptation: Hydra

This is the first Within Temptation album in which I am not completely bored with. This is a totally enjoyable album. I think the duets was what made this album stand out with me. In the past I found the band's music rather repetitive. Not this time.

Xandria: Sacrificium

I think this is my personal favorite gothic/symphonic metal album I have heard this year.

Honorable Mention:
Anette Olzon: Shine

I wasn't really sure if I should include Anette's solo album on this list since the music isn't really metal in comparison to the other albums on my list. There is elements of metal in her music just enough to get an honorable mention on my list.  This is an album I really didn't come to expect to like as much as I did after hearing. I was quite surprised by how good Anette's solo album is and that she is more than just  capable singer. All the songs have really good solid pop hooks. The musicians she chose to work with are immensely talented. I just think she is better suited off as a solo artist. She truly shines as  solo artist.  Shine is one of my most heavily played albums of 2014.

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