Friday, November 14, 2014

Concerts I have attended in 2014

Tonight I have been uploading pictures and videos on to my Photobucket and Youtube accounts from the Unwoman I attended last night. It got me thinking about all the shows I have attended this year, from both local and national acts.

There were some shows that I just brought my smartphone to use to take photos and I put those pictures into one folder titled Other Concerts I Have Attended. This folder consists of shows from:
Dum Dum Girls with Ex Cops
Within Temptation with Amaranthe
Veruca Salt (I totally forgot who opened for them. They kinda reminded me of AC/DC and The Strokes)
Tegan and Sara with My Midnight Heart and The Courtneys
De/Vision with Thought Thieves
Uh Huh Her with Kim Anh
Phantogram with TEEN
Warpaint  with Cate Le Bon
Skinny Puppy  with Army of the Universe

Local Bands: 
Golgotha Presents: Wasteland Rockers
Bastille Day Block Party
A slew of shows from DarkSide MN (some of the photos are from last year)
Music At Mears Park
Album release party by Astronomique (apparently I forgot to upload pictures from that show on to my photobucket account :\)
Girl Germs Tribute Concert (sadly my old smartphone died early on the show  so no pictures)
Heartbreakers Ball
Pizza Luce Block Party (namely for Mark Mallman and GRRRL PRTY)
Lizzo with Caroline Smith

National Bands:
Aesthetic Perfection with Surgyn and Panic Lift
Dum Dum Girls with Blouse
God Module with Die Sektor and FTC
Grendel with Ludovico Technique and Endif
Hate Dept. with Project 44 and Absynthe of Faith
Hocico with HARDWIRE and Infaux
Ladykiller Tour with Sick of Sarah and Hunter Valentine
VNV Nation with Whiteqube
Voltaire with Ego Likeness and The Trapezoids
An Evening with Unwoman

I may not be into the club scene but I sure as hell love live music. I certainly attended a lot of live shows this year. I definitely plan on attending the upcoming Skinny Puppy show and that will probably be it for2014 since I have to save some $$$ for my Chicago trip next year to see Nightwish.

As far as my favorite shows I have attended, anything involving the local band Promidal is a shit load of fun. GRRRL PRTY really impressed me a lot. This coming from someone who really isn't into hip hop music. I really loved seeing the Dum Dum Girls, Unwoman, Phantogram, and Hocico with HARDWIRE who really kicked massive ass when I saw them perform before Hocico's set. I definitely plan on putting together my favorite concerts of 2014 at the end of next month. In the meantime enjoy my list and  you can find video footage from many of the shows I attended on my youtube channel.

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