Wednesday, October 2, 2013

10 albums I definitely need to own

Recently received my property tax refund check this week. I was thinking about ordering online some new music. I am not going to blow all of it at once. It did get me thinking about what albums that I really want to buy my hard earned money on. Here are the ten albums that I definitely need to add to my music collection.

10. Namnambulu - Distances

09. Noyce: Plast:ique

08. All My Faith Lost: Chamber Music

07. Vision Talk: Hello Goodbye

06. Zynic: Blindsided

05. Carved Souls: Dismantle

04. Front Line Assembly: Echogenetic

03. Solitary Experiments: Phenomena

02. Parrolox: Recovery

01. VNV Nation: Transnational

I am thinking I will most likely order the new VNV Nation album although the new Parralox covers album is only limited to 500 copies which I might get and hope to find the new VNV at the Electric Fetus. It's a tough call for me.

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