Saturday, October 5, 2013

5 soundtracks worth checking out

Today I went to see the film Gravity starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. It was so worth the $13 I spent to see the film in 3D IMAX. What really made the film so memorable for me was the Steven Price film score. After listen to the the film score on Spotify, I started thinking about what soundtracks/film scores that I love that I could recommend to my readers to check out. I chose 5 of my personal favorite soundtracks that I can recommend without hesitation.

01. Gravity by Steven Price

If you are into ambient/darkwave music, this film score is right up your alley. It is so gorgeous with sinister undertones through out the album. I thought the intensity of the music really elevated the more dramatic scenes in the film.

02. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

I have to admit I prefer Trent Reznor's work as a film composer than his work with NIN and How To Destroy Angels. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is my personal fave. The music is really bleak and nihilistic which really fits well with the storyline of the popular novel. His searing cover of "Immigrant Song" really got under my skin (in a good way). Two years later, this soundtrack still holds up well for me. It is really good to listen to on a chilly evening.

03. Samasara Soundtrack by Michael Stearns

I definitely recommend seeing the 2012 film Samsara. It is visual eye candy. The music also features Dead Can Dance's Lisa Gerrard on several tracks. The music is a perfect soundtrack to meditate to.

04. Okuribito [Departures] by Joe Hisaishi

This is one of my personal favorite soundtracks of all time and easily my favorite film score by Joe Hisaishi (who is known for his work on various Hayao Miyazaki films). The classical film score helps propel the emotions that runs through the characters and the scenes they are in. I never get sick and tired of listening to it day after all these years.

05. Let the Right One In

Best damn movie ever in my book. Anyone who knows me personally knows how much I love the Swedish adaptation of the novel Let Me In which was eventually re-titled Let the Right One In. The film score by Johan Soderqvist is my other top favorite soundtrack of all time. The music is an eerie blend of orchestral and ambient music. Johan's work really captures the essence of the film's two leading characters of Oskar and Eli and their relationship. One minute the music can be moody and bleak with a dash of despair inbetween and then can quickly shift into intense and explosive. Absolutely beautiful music even in its darkest moments. 

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