Monday, October 14, 2013

My top 10 current favorite albums

10. Geodesique: Hologram

09. Syrian: Death of a Sun

08. Blume: Autumn Ruins

07. Berlin: Animal

06. Goldfrapp: Tales of Us

05. Vixen: Rev It Up

04. Sneaker Pimps: 6 Underground

03. Butcher Babies: Goliath

02.Front Line Assembly: Echogenetic

01. VNV Nayion - Transmational

I got real lucky last night. I found that someone had uploaded the new VNV Nation album on youtube. I have been listening to quite a bit since last night. Don't worry. I did pre-order my own copy via Thankfully there was no songs that sounded like "Control" (which I particularly did not like from Automatic). I am also digging the new FLA album Echogenetic. I bought it yesterday at Cheapo discs. It has been a long time since FLA put out an album that made me excited about their music. I think it may give Suicide Commando's When Evil Speaks a serious run at the top spot for best industrial album of 2013. While at Cheapo yesterday, I also HAD to pick up a copy of Vixen's Rev It Up album. I have no regrets. It is a fun album to listen to especially when one is at work and stuck in her boring ass cubicle surrounded by humorless people. Still loving the new Blume, Syrian, and Goldfrapp albums. I can't stop playing them especially Tales of Us by Goldfrapp. I am probably one of  a few people who misses the old Sneaker Pimps band before Kelli was booted out of the band and it eventually became IAMX. I like IAMX but can't say they are on my favorite band list, old Sneaker Pimps on the other hand is. That's just me though.

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