Friday, October 4, 2013

The Bellwether Syndicate

Tonight's featured band is The Bellwether Syndicate. The band features William Faith of the legendary Faith and the Muse and Sarah Rose(aka DJ Scary Lady Sarah). The band also features Philly Peroxide on keyboards/percussion and Mike Skull on bass for their live shows. I became aware of this project last year when William and Sarah started up kickstarter project to help fund their first EP The Night Watch. I immediately donated some $$$ to help fund their new project because I really liked the description as well as being a fan of William's other band Faith and the Muse. After many delays (which was totally out of the group's control), The Bellwether Syndicate finally released their EP earlier this year. I was not disappointed. This video clip off youtube will give you a good indication of the band's sound.

I love it because it reminds me of many of my favorite post-punk bands of the 1990s. I definitely recommend buying their EP The Night Watch off their website (link posted at top of the page). And next month the band will be at Ground Zero with The Foreign Resort. 

Tickets: (just for The Foreign Resort/The Bellwether Syndicate show)

 or: (a combo package with the upcoming Ego Likeness show)

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