Friday, October 18, 2013

Albums I am currently listening to

Gravity original motion picture soundtrack

I haven't been able to stop listening to Steven Price's excellent film score to Gravity. Ambient music is a hit or miss with me but this soundtrack is a massive hit. I am just so taken with the music. I hope Steven will continue scoring more films for years to come. He made a huge fan out of me.

Because of the soundtrack to Gravity, I have started listening to DJ SLT's Kradis album again. Really excellent darkwave/ambient music which reminds me quite a bit of early Delerium (in their Cleopatra Records days). Really gorgeous music.

Tiesto: Club Life Vol.3: Stockholm

I recently got this album from the library. I like it but after awhile the repetitive beats starts wearing my patience. This is the problem with a lot of electronic dance music nowadays. The music sounds too much the same.Any wonders why I stopped listening to the likes of Tiesto and Oakenfold. Because they can't or won't evolve. At least Daft Punk has evolved even if I don't care for their latest album. At least they recognized that EDM today is reptetive and bland. The scene needs to change. They can't keep continue making the same generic beats.

Moya Brennan: Affinity

This is another album that I got from the library recently. It is a beautiful album. I like chilling out to this album after work.

Austra: Olympia

Another album from the library. I like it a lot. I definitely recommend checking out this band. Katie Stelmanis kinda reminds me of Florence from Florence and the Machine.

Geodesique: Hologram

Still enjoying this album after seeing them live nearly two weeks ago. Certainly going to be one of my favorite local albums of 2013.

Front Line Assembly: Echogenetic

I adore this album. I like that FLA went completely electronic on this album. My favorite songs? "Killing Grounds" and "Ghosts".

I have posted the spotify links to each of the album in case anyone would be interested in hearing them or embedded the albums by DJ SLT and Geodesique from their bandcamp pages.

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