Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Some food for thought: Thou shall not be a whiny douchebag

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a blog on the ten commandments of being a music fan. Well after visiting a particular artist’s Facebook pagethis morning and see quite a few fans whining about the new single which was recently released this week, I was inspired to create another commandment to add to my list of commandments of being a music fan. So thank you Facebook and some really whiny, butthurt, douchey FB users for tonight's blog.

Commandment #11 – Thou Shall Not be Selfish. Or Thou Shall Let One’s Favorite Artist Evolve. Personally I could also call this “Thou Shall Not Be a Whiny Douchebag” too but I won’t. It will though be the title for my blog tonight ;).

 It has come to my attention in recent months that there are some music fans who just can’t accept the fact that their favorite artist does not want to stick to one particular sound and wants to evolve. There is one particular artist in our little scene that has drawn quite a bit of criticism from a few of his fans because they can’t handle the changes in his music. I personally like the change in direction he is going in with his new material. Judging by the three singles he has released this year, I am definitely excited for the new album which should be next year. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that these fans don’t have a right to express their opinions but it is their attitudes which I find some to be childish and needs to be called out on publicly.

 As a music junkie, I do not put my favorite musicians on a pedestal so high up that my expectations of them are unrealistic. I think this is the case with the individuals I have mentioned in the previous paragraphs. The impression I got from the criticism I have read over the last few months for this particular well-known industrial act in my opinion has been unfairly harsh. I remember reading one person’s comments saying how his latest song makes her want to vomit in between her bitching and moaning. I hate saying this but most criticism has been disrespectful and rude. It’s one thing to give constructive criticism, but it is another can of worms to be rude and disrespectful. They acted as if the artist should APOLOGIZE to them for making such “shitty” music (in their eyes). Obviously those people think musicians should make music for their fans, not as a means to express themselves creatively. NEWSFLASH folks: musicians do not create music to please you. Please get over yourselves and stop being a bunch of selfish pussies. Musicians should evolve and have the freedom to put out music that makes him or her happy, so learn to deal with it.

 I think change is a good thing. I have to admit there have been times when I wasn't happy with the new direction that a band has taken. The electronica duo Goldfrapp quickly comes to my mind. After their stellar debut album Felt Mountain, I was quite taken aback with the albums Black Cherry and Supernature. Eventually though those albums grew on me although nowhere near the masterpiece of Felt Mountain. Head First is the one Goldfrapp album that I can honestly say I hated it but did I bitch and moan about it on social network media? Hell no! The only that really mattered here was that this album is what Alison and Will wanted to make. I am very curious to what the group's next album will sound like. Only time will tell.  While it is totally understandable to not like the direction taken by one's favorite artist, to behave in such a childish manner online with this arrogant attitude that the musicians should make music to please their fans as opposed to satisfying their creative juices.

As a music fan and an observer of the music scene, I believe fans should let their favorite artists to breath and allow their creative juices take them to unknown territories. Sometimes going experimental works, and sometimes it fails. After all we are only human.

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