Monday, October 7, 2013

Office playlist of the week

This is a day late because I took today off because I went out last night to Geodesique's last show for the year as the current line up :(. It was a good show but sad that it was the last as the current line up but I certainly am looking forward to the next phase for Geo. Gotta take the bad with the good. is what I plan on listening to at work for this week.

I bought a copy of this album while at the show last night. I absolutely love it. I definitely recommend downloading it via the band's bandcamp site.

Nitin Sawhney: London Undersound

Die Braut: Psychotherapy

Suicide Commando: When Evil Speaks

Marsheaux: Inhale

The Break Up: Synthesis

In Strict Confidence: Utopia

Diffuzion: Bodycode

Berlin: Animal

Saint Etienne: Tiger Bay

Spirited Away soundtrack

Asides from enjoying the new Geodesique album, I am also been grooving to the new Berlin album Animal. I picked up a copy yesterday at The Electric Fetus. I love the new album. The sound on the new album is modern EDM (electronic dance music). It sounds nothing like the band's old stuff. You can listen to Animal on Spotify. I wouldn't be surprised though if fans of the band's new wave days would not care for their new sound. That's just my take on it.

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