Sunday, October 13, 2013

Office Playlist of the Week

Because I have a dentist appointment on Tuesday morning, I am doing some OT this week to make up for the time I am gone to have my teeth cleaned and checked out. So I decided to make a trip to Cheapo today and get some new music to make my OT a little more bearable. On the upside, I will be seeing Sarah Brightman finally later this week. Without further ado, here is what I plan on listening to this week at work.

Rev It Up by Vixen - After the death of Vixen guitarist/founder Jan Kuehnemund last week, I decided that I needed to get a copy of the band's second Rev It Up (my personal fave). I am really glad I did. The music brings back fond memories of my youth. I might eventually get around to buying their first album.

Echogenetic by Front Line Assembly - This was the other album I bought today. I absolutely freaking love it. I haven't been crazy about FLA's music for a long time but the new album really kicks ass. Certainly going to give Suicide Commando's When Evil Speaks as my favorite industrial album of 2013.

Pretty in Pink soundtrack

White Me In/Black Me Out by Helalyn Flowers

Fairy Lights Nights Two by All About Eve

Atheos by GPKism

Synthetica by Metric

No Redemption by Combichrist

Breedless by Ego Likeness

Nightglory by Kirlian Camera

Awake the Machines volume 7

Total Nihilism by Nitro/Noise

I haven't listened to the All About Eve and GPKism albums in a long time. I felt it was time to brush off the dust and give them a spin. Nothing starts off Monday on the right foot than some Combichrist and Nitro/Noise. I need some super aggressive music to get my blood pumping.  

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