Friday, January 10, 2014

10 albums I need to add to my music collection in 2014

This morning I decided to treat myself with some of my bonus from work an album that has been sitting on my Amazon wish list for a couple of years now Foretaste's Love On Demand. After going through my wish list it got me thinking about what all the albums that I have been wanting to buy but have pushed aside because of other albums. So I came up with a list of ten albums I need to add to my music collection.

10. Where Angels Fear by Lullacry

09. 11:11 by CHIASM

08. Is This Goodbye? by Panic Lift

07. Dismantle by Carved Souls

06. In My Fragile by Vic Anselmo

05. Madness in Abyss by Amduscia

04. Deliberately Fragile by Technoir

03. Somnia by Longing For Orpheus

02. Monosex by De/vision

01. The Lost Are Found by Claudia Brucken

This won't be an easy feat nor a cheap one but I think I can try to obtain as many of these albums as possible. Heavy emphasis on the word TRY. LOL.

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