Wednesday, January 22, 2014

5 Artists/bands I am currently into

Well it is barely the new year and I have already discovered some new artists/bands. I thought I would share with my readers whose music I have been totally digging in the past few weeks.

Army on the Dance Floor
Any longtime Combichrist fans would know, this is the new project by former Combichrist drummer Kourtney Klein with Thessa M'Loe and Jason Seger. They recently released their debut album Many Faces of War. Judging by what I have heard, I am so downloading their album on Friday when I get paid. Their music is a mix of modern and retro dance music. Super heavy on the synthesizers and catchy as hell.

What can I say that I haven't already said before? Really love If All Now Here. I can't stop listening to it at work and at home via bandcamp.

Yori is an Icelandic trip hop artist whose music I discovered via bandcamp. Her music reminds me quite a bit of Bjork and Frost.

I recently discovered Flatline a week or two ago on Facebook. They are a German EBM group.

Apt Well they aren't really a NEW discovery for me. I found them via Twitter late last year. Really loved what I had heard from their "Night Train" video. Definitely plan on buying their album when it comes out next month (I believe).

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