Thursday, January 23, 2014

Updated list of concerts in Twin Cities [local and national]

I just updated my list of upcoming concerts in the Twin Cities. Lots of local shows going on as well as some major national acts or at least well known acts in our little music scene ;).

DSMN Presents The Bizarre!!!
Transmission presents: "Heroes" (a tribute to David Bowie) [Okay so this isn't exactly a concert but Transmission is a pretty big deal here in the Twin Cities)
The Rope/Still Pacific/Thunderbolt Pagoda at Kitty Cat Klub
Thought Thieves, as l of, and Dance Assault at Ground Zero
Cwn Annwan, Eldergaad, Comets Ov Cupid, Warm Colours

The Dead of Winter show 
Transmission and Brit's Pub presents I heart UK III
The Casket Girls at Triple Rock
 DJ SLT at Ground Zero: Heartless
Heartbreakers Ball: The Melismastics, The Beatifics, and Clean at Cause
Skinny Puppy at Mill City Nights
DSMN presents A Night in Hell

Hate Dept w/Project 44 and Absynthe of Faith
Chad Valley Fine Line Music Cafe
KPT at Cause
Warpaint at First Avenue
Gary Numan at Mill City Nights

Iced Earth at First Avenue
VNV Nation at Mill City Nights
Combichrist w/William Control, New Years Day, and Gabriel and the Apocalypse

God Module w/Die Sektor, Mordacious, F.T.C, and DJ SLT
DE/VISION, Architect, Thought Thieves in Saint Paul

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds at The State Theatre

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