Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Army On The Dance Floor - Many Faces of War

Track List:
01. Machine
02. Juggernaut
03. Lightning Strike
04. Five Million Stars
05. Carnival
06. Bury You Alive
07. Leia
08. Captain of Your Own Sea
09. Many Faces of War

This past weekend I downloaded the album Many Faces of War by Army On The Dance Floor. Army On The Dance Floor is synthpop group featuring Kourtney Klein, Thessa M'Loe, and Jason Seger. As a longtime Combichrist fan, I recognized Kourtney from a couple of the band's videos. So if the name Kourtney Klein sounds familiar, her association with Combichrist is where you have seen her. I had been watching her new group for awhile and have been waiting for the group to drop their debut album. Last Friday the band unleashed Many Faces of War via CDBaby and itunes. The wait was definitely worth it. The music borrows heavily from the '80s new wave era. The songs undeniably infectious and will quickly get stuck in your head. You can hear some of the album via youtube courtesy of the band. I think it is fantastic. As a big fan of modern and retro synthpop/new wave music, Many Faces of War has everything I am looking for...solid, catchy (if not addictive) pop hooks and dance beats that makes me want to get up dance. "Five Million Stars" and "Leia" are my two personal favorite tracks on the album. For me I am always drawn to a song that has a really great pop hook and those two songs have the most infectious melodies on the album. That isn't to say the other songs are any less good. I think they are terrific. Oh hell. The album is just so good. While I would have preferred to have a physical copy of the album, I did download the album on both my laptop at home and my computer at work so I can listen to the album whenever I feel like. I would definitely download the album from CDBABY. You can get better quality sounding versions on that site as opposed to iTunes or Amazon and more money will go to the artist. Side-note: whenever I download (LEGALLY) I prefer to do it via CDBaby or Bandcamp where more $$$ goes directly towards the artist. Just a thought to my readers. That said, I definitely plan on watching Army On The Dance Floor and their career. They made a huge fan out of this music junkie. It is really good to hear female fronted synthpop.

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