Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Luna Sequence

Just as I am wondering what the hell I was going to write on my blog tonight, I decided to go onto Spotify to put together a list of my current favorite songs. As I was perusing my discover page on Spotify, I came across the name The Luna Sequence.  Curiosity got the best of me and I decided to listen to The Day The Curse Grew Stronger, the new album by The Luna Sequence. I really liking what I am hearing so far on the album (which I am currently listening to on Spotify but you can also stream it on bandcamp too).

I am really impressed with Kaia Young's work. Her music is an excellent hybrid of electronica (and I don't mean lameass dubstep either), punk, and heavy metal music. Although her music is instrumental, I can definitely hear a fuck you/devil may care sort of attitude come through the music. I just love fusion of electronica with punk rock and heavy metal. I definitely recommend checking out The Luna Sequence if you are for something new and different. What a nice new find in the new year for this music junkie ;).

The Luna Sequence FB page
The Luna Sequence Twitter page
The Luna Sequence bandcamp page

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