Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Jam of the Week: Five Million Stars by Army on The Dance Floor

Today at work I was listening to Many Faces of War, the debut album by Army on the Dance Floor. Ended up playing "Five Million Stars" (one of my personal favorite songs on the album) over and over again. Lets face it, the song is so damn catchy. I decided right then and there to make "Five Million Stars" my Jam of the Week.

I really do recommend hearing the entire album which can be found on itunes and CDBaby. Army On The Dance Floor is easily one of my favorite up and coming independent artists/bands that I have heard in the past year. I would not be tweeting their videos as often as I do if I didn't think so highly of them as I honestly do. In our little corner of the underground music scene, it is so easy to not get one's music heard so much. As an independent blogger who does not get paid for everything that I publish here, I feel some responsibility to help give bands that attracts my undivided attention a push here and there especially independent artists/bands who often get ignored by the more recognizable blogs/websites who no doubt have their hands full with the in's and out's of the music industry and the BS that comes with it..

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