Sunday, April 20, 2014

My top 10 favorite albums

With yesterday's blog entry about my loot I bought from the Electric Fetus and Cheapo Records, it was pretty obvious to my readers what I was going to listen to this week at work. I honestly felt like I was going to rehash the same old stuff for tonight's blog. Instead I decided to post my ten current favorite albums which does include a few of my music purchases from yesterday I must admit.

10. Dum Dum Girls: End of Daze

I adore the Dum Dum Girls.

09. Belinda Carlisle: The Collection

Yeah, gotta throw in some pop music here on my list. Totally satisfies my craving for some catchy pop music.

08. Schoolcraft: Rushing Through the Sky

3-4 weeks after I got this album in the mail, I am still listening to Rushing Through the Sky incessantly.

07. Depeche Mode: Black Celebration

Classic DM. Enough said.

06. Anette Olzon: Shine

Shine is really a terrific album. I really like Anette's vocals on the album. Heavy metal really wasn't her style. I think she found her musical niche here.

05. Client: Authority

04. Depeche Mode: Ultra

It is funny. I was perusing Side-Line's FB page. Someone mentioned DM's Ultra album last week. I thought to myself when I went out yesterday that if I was to ever find this album, I should pick it up. I did and I love this album. This is the only Depeche Mode album post-Violator that I think is consistently good from start to finish. Not to say that the band hasn't put out any good songs but their albums in recent years haven't been consistent as their earlier albums. At least to me they haven't.

03. Phantogram: Voices

After seeing Phantogram perform live last weekend, I have been listening to Voices at least once a day. This band is definitely one to keep an eye out for. I plan on catching them again whenever they pass through the Twin Cities.

02. Chelsea Wolfe: Pain is Beauty

I am really glad that I bought this album. This is my first introduction to Chelsea Wolfe. I immediately fell in love with her sound right from the second I first heard the album. Very atmospheric.

01. Nitro/Noise: No Cure For Apocalypse

The new Nitro/Noise album was definitely worth the wait. I simply adore this band more so than Combichrist  whose music has gotten less interesting over the years. No Cure For Apocalypse totally blows their first album Total Nihilism out of the water. Definitely no sophomore slump here. This album is for sure going on my end of the year list.

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