Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Some food for thought: Goodbye Station 4

Well it is official...Station 4 is truly no more. The building that once housed Lab, Ryan's, and then finally Station 4 is no more and so is the plans to renovate the space into 2 different venues. It is an end of an era for the underground metal and punk scenes. Truth be told Station 4 was not my favorite venue. One reason, it was a big fat pain in the ass to commute to Saint Paul via public transit even if I took the express route 94(the 16 is horrible). Walking to the venue from the bus stop was the pits because downtown Saint Paul is not heavily lit like downtown Minneapolis and often not safe with all the crackheads and whores that one can find in the darkness of Saint Paul. The other reason I did not like Station 4 is the bathroom. Every time I HAD to use the ladies restroom, I wished I had a spray can of Lysol to disinfect my entire body. Damn restrooms were fucking gross as hell. I have seen cleaner Port-a-Pottys than the restrooms at Station 4. Before I forget, I absolutely hated the pillars. Try watching a concert with those damn things blocking your view, especially if you are a short person like me.

Well that said,over the last few years I have gone to Station 4, I did see some really kick ass concerts at that dump. I thought in honor of that former cess pool of a venue, I thought I would share with my readers my favorite memories (i.e pictures and videos) from the times I went to Station 4.

01. Genitorturers
goth_maven's Genitorturers concert at Station 4 album on Photobucket

02. Emilie Autumn
goth_maven's Emilie Autumn at Station 4 album on Photobucket

goth_maven's VNV Nation with Straftanz album on Photobucket

04. The Birthday Massacre with Aesthetic Perfection and William Control
goth_maven's The Birthday Massacre at Station 4 in Saint Paul album on Photobucket

05. VNV Nation at Station 4 (with Ayria and War Tapes)

06. Ayria at Station 4 (with VNV Nation and War Tapes)

07. Genitorturers performing "Devil in a Bottle" at Station 4

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