Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My top 10 worst music videos ever

Tonight after work I made massive mistake of checking out the new Avril Lavigne video "Hello Kitty". As the old adage goes "curiosity killed the cat". I can definitely say that curiosity killed this cat and her ears. What a horrible song. I lasted only for 20 seconds before clicking out of youtube :P. Of course my experience with that horrid video quickly inspired tonight's blog. I dare you to try to sit through all the 10 horrible and often laughable music videos, or at least try the top 2 most godawful music videos. They are so bad I can't sit through them without laughing uncontrollably or wanting to rip  my ears off my head.

10. Rednex: Cotton Eye Joe

09. Paris Hilton: Good Time (featuring Lil' Wayne)

08. Sisqo: Thong Song

07. Lindsay Lohan: Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)

06. Alison Gold: Chinese Food

05. Creed: With Arms Wide Open

04. Limp Bizkit: Nookie

03. Joey Lawrence: Nothing My Love Can't Fix

02. Farrah Abraham: Blowin

01. Avril Lavigne: Hello Kitty

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