Thursday, April 10, 2014

Some food for thought: Yeah, I like pop music and I am not ashamed of it

Today I came across an interesting op'd piece on City Pages titled Poptimist life: Why liking pop doesn't equal hating rock. The article was based on the NY Times article titled The Pernicious Rise of Poptimism. Asides from the over use of the annoying term "poptimism" or "poptimist" which both sounds awfully ridiculous. After reading both articles which I got nothing out of except that both writers clearly enjoy reading their own material. In the last few years, I have come to the conclusion that one should not be ashamed of listening to pop music. Life is too bloody short to be embarrassed by what he or she is listening to. As I am edging closer to turning 40 this year, I have reached a point in my life to say "to hell with it" and just enjoy all forms of music that attracts my undivided attention.

While I do think there is a lot of shitty acts in pop music nowadays like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Katy Perry, I do think there are some really interesting artists in pop music nowadays. Instead of bloviating on and on about enjoying pop music, I'll just get to the nitty gritty and share with my readers my favorite pop songs and artists.

Belinda Carlisle

I recently re-discovered Belinda Carlisle's solo work. So damn freaking catchy. I love her solo music as much as her work with the Go Go's.


Zhala is a Swedish pop artist signed to Robyn's Konichiwa records. She is so not like a lot of today's pop artists. I really like her distinct sound which she refers to as "futuristic cosmic pop". I just call it good music.


I became a fan of Robyn's music when I first heard her album Body Talk back in 2009. Her music was nothing like her debut album years ago. I really liked her edgier electro-pop sound she embraced more so than the r&b influenced sounds of her youth.


Of all the mainstream pop artists out there, P!nk is by far my personal favorite. She has a ton of spunk and attitude which I absolutely adore. I also appreciated that she takes no shit from no one especially from record label executives like L.A Reid in her early years like trying to get her second album Mizzundastood released.

Icona Pop

Right now the Swedish duo Icona Pop is getting a ton of airplay at home and at work. Their brand of pop music is addictive and infectious. It has a lot of energy and just a ton of fun to listen to. Too bad I didn't get into them before they played in the Twin Cities not long ago.

Sky Ferreira

Ellie Goulding

Charli XCX

What I really like about pop singers like Sky, Ellie, and Charli is that each of them have their own distinct voices. I also appreciate the fact that they rather let their talents speak for them and not use their sexuality, physical appearances, or provocative performances (ahem Miley Cyrus) to sell their products.

So that is about it for me. I love pop music damn it! Am I worried about losing my street cred in the underground scene? Hell no! I have friends in the scene who enjoy some of the pop artists on my list here. Besides I have been finding it quite constrictive if I limit myself to a particular scene in the last few years. I think it is healthy to listen to other types of music and would strongly suggest to my readers to do the same as well.

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