Saturday, April 5, 2014

Schoolcraft "Rushing Through the Sky"

A couple of weeks ago I discovered a Canadian artist named Schoolcraft (i.e Lindsay Schoolcraft) on bandcamp. According to her FB profile, not only does she front her own band but she also performs live with Cradle of Filth as backing vocalist/keyboardist. Anyhoo, I was looking for some new music to listen to and decided to give her 2012 EP Rushing Through the Sky a listen.

I immediately fell in love with her music. The music on Rushing Through the Sky is absolutely gorgeous. While Rushing Through the Sky is nowhere as heavy her its musical influences of Nightwish, Within Temptation, We Are the Fallen, and The Birthday Massacre, I would still put Schoolcraft in the same musical category as those bands. It is obvious to this listener that Schoolcraft has definitely learned well from them on constructing a memorable melody. I haven't heard such beautiful melodies as I have on this EP in the past few years. After listening to Rushing Through the Sky so many times online, I knew I had to own a copy of the EP. I recently received Rushing Through the Sky yesterday in the mail. I have been listening to it non-stop (except when I had to sleep, eat, shower, run since receiving it.

 The fact that I have been listening to the EP as much as I have is a testament to Lindsay's ability as a musician to create such memorable music. My absolutely personal favorite song on the album is "Darkness Falls".  Like all her songs on the EP, the lyrics reads like poetry and flows so well with the music. What really drives home this song for me is the delicate yet infectious melodies. I particularly love it when Lindsay sings the line "As the sun sets on our regrets".  I adore the way Lindsay delivers that line in the song.

Rushing Through the Sky is 32 minutes of pure bliss. There is not one bad track on the EP. Rarely do I sit down and take the time and care to listen to the lyrics as well as the music on an album like I have with the debut EP by Schoolcraft. The album is extremely well written and the music quite enchanting, I definitely recommend on giving this excellent EP a listen. I wish I had discovered this band sooner but better late than never. I definitely will be keeping my eye on Schoolcraft from here on out as a blogger and music junkie.

Track List:
01. Into the Night
02. Your Mind
03. December Rain
04. Your Forever
05. Masquerade
06. Darkness Falls
07. December Rain (instrumental)

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