Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Album Of The Week: About U by MUNA

I am generally not particularly keen on pop fan. When I think of pop music today, I want to vomit however I do not think all of it is total garbage like Tegan and Sara's last two albums Heartthrob and Love You To Death. Right now I am digging the debut album by the LA dark electro-pop trio Muna. They recently dropped their first album About U. It is funny. I first heard of them a months ago with their EP The Loudspeaker EP but I completely forgot about it. I liked what I had heard but at the time there was other music that made got my attention. It wasn't until I came across their new music video for "I Know A Place" did their music grab my undivided attention. I was hooked right from the get go. I could not believe this was the same band I had completely forgotten about a few months ago. I have been listening to the album at least twice a day since the album was dropped last week. I couldn't ask for a better pop album with hooks as solid as what I have heard on tracks like "I Know A Place", "Loudspeaker", "Around U", and "End of Desire" (my personal favorite tracks on the album. To get a really good idea about About U, you can read this excellent review . My impression of the lyrics? They are well written, thoughtful, honest, with a little angst here and there but not condescending or vindictive. Nothing derivative or contrived about their lyrics. Please check them out. This group is so good. According to their FB page, they have an upcoming show at the Turf Club on the 17th. I am very tempted to go. It would be interesting to see how well their music translates live.

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