Thursday, February 23, 2017

My 15 Favorite Concert Videos

So I am going through my youtube channel and watching some of my concert footage I have recorded over the years. Let me tell you have recorded quite a bit of concerts over the past several years. I thought I would something different for tonight's blog and do post my 15 favorite videos of concert footage I have recorded over the years. It has been almost a decade since I have started posting youtube videos of concerts I go to, mostly due to my affiliation with Kilted Farmer Koncerts as a street team member.

15. Freezepop Does Europe

This is the footage that started it all. Shitty quality but it is what it is. Footage recorded on a small hand held video camera I got for free from I think I still have it somewhere. I think. LOL!

14. Unter Null performing "Sick Fuck"

Such a fucking good concert. I also had the opportunity to hang with Unter Null. Best money spent EVER!

13. Aesthetic Perfection performing "Spilling Blood"

I have shot some videos from Aesthetic Perfection over the years but this clip from last Sunday is my favorite. The results came out awesome. I also love how close I was to the stage and Daniel Graves.

12. Autumn performing "Seconds"

If you can get past the fact that I was a total dummy and did not change batteries with my camera before I went out for the night or brought extra batteries hence the abrupt ending, this is on my list because I love the sound quality of the video. I also love Julie's vocals on this song. This used to be my least favorite Autumn song but the more I have listened to it on The Hating Tree and on this video, I have grown to love this song.

11. Gabriel and The Apocalypse performing "Silent War"

This set was at the 2012 Icon of Coil show at Ground Zero. I absolutely love the song "Silent War". I think it is one of the band's best songs ever.

10. Nyxx performing "Wicked" at Club Underground

Nyxx put on such a great set on Sunday night. I hope I get to see her live again in the near future.

09. Assemblage 23 performing "Cruelest Year" at Ground Zero

This is my favorite video from the 2012 A23 show at Ground Zero that I recorded. It is also one of my personal favorite A23 songs too.

08. Youth Code performing "Consuming Guilt"

07. Icon of Coil performing "Shelter"

My favorite IOC song ever! Damn shame Sebastian got held up by US Customs.

06. Genitorturers performing "Devil in a Bottle"

One of my personal favorite concerts I have ever attended especially at the now closed Station 4 (miss the venue but not its shitty bathrooms).

05. Project Pitchfork performing "Timekiller"

This was my first time seeing Project Pitchfork in concert. Of course I had to get my favorite PP song on video.

04. Promidal at Club Underground on 11.27.13

I don't know why but this is my favorite video footage of Promidal I have recorded in the past four years I have been following them in the local music scene. This was before Tracy solidified his band's line up and their sound veered more into the black metal genre.

03. Ego Likeness performing "Sirens and Satellites"

This 2013 footage was the first time I had seen Ego Likeness live. It sure wasn't the last time too. They are some great folks. Talented as fuck too.

02. Ayria performing "My Revenge On the World"

My number one favorite Ayria song. Ayria was touring with Project Pitchfork. I just love the lighting for this song as well as for the Project Pitchfork footage. This was the first show I was able to get a photo with her. First time was at The Cruxshadows show but I had no digital camera and my phone at the time was shit. Jennifer is easily one of my favorite musicians to talk to and get a photo with.

01. Autumn performing "Red" at Ground Zero

This is like the 2nd or third concert footage that I had recorded and hands down my very favorite concert footage that I have recorded. Oh and I absolutely adore this song to bits and pieces.

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