Thursday, February 16, 2017

My current favorite songs

Well it is Thursday again. Time to share with my readers the current crop of songs that I have been enjoying immensely. This week it has been a mixed bag for me. I got a little country from Mary Chapin Carpenter, an old fave of mine from high school/college, new age tracks by Paul Schwartz, Blue Stone, and Enigma, lots of synthpop such as my current favorite band Erotic Elk, longtime fave CHROM, Solar Fake, Icon of Coil, some electropop by the likes of Robyn (who really needs to put out a follow up to 2010's Body Talk) and Muna, goth darlings Autumn and Voltaire, Aesthetic Perfection, and Client.

The other day I was listening to "Refuge" by Client. I hadn't listened to it in a year (I think). I definitely forgot how great of a song it is. The band is working on some new music so that I am very excited about. I need to listen to their last album Authority again. It is not a perfect album but there are some solid synthpop tracks on the album.

I hope people are checking out my album of the week pic III by Erotic Elk. They remind me so much of Apop with a smidgeon of Neuroticfish (but they remind me mostly of Apoptygma Berzerk). That's a band that should not be slept on.

Super excited about seeing Solar Fake for the first time this Sunday. I was listening to my Solar Fake Playlist today. Definitely give them a listen. "Under Control" is one of favorite songs by the band.

I will never be a fan of country music but I do love me some Mary Chapin Carpenter. At least her earlier music. I have to admit, I lost interest in her music after Stones in the Road. Every now and then I'll listen to my MCC playlist. I find her music very comforting, like a good pair of fuzzy pajama pants. Right now I love her ballad "This Shirt" from her second album State of The Heart.

Whenever I get pissed because of Lord Cheeto, I love listening to Voltaire's "Hell in the Hand Basket" for some laughs. I do think that is where the angry apricot is taking this country to.

Generally I am not a huge fan of generic alternative rock bands like Imagine Dragons but I do like their song "Demons". I can certainly relate to it. Being inside my head is not very pretty. Damn shame the rest of their music blows just like Nickelback.

So until next week, enjoy!

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