Friday, February 17, 2017

Albums and Playlists I Am Currently Listening to

Tomorrow I will be posting my updated list of all the CDs I own. I figure I would post the music I am currently listening to tonight.



I completely forgot the new Blutengel album came out today so I didn't get to listen to it at work. I am listening to it right now. I will post my thoughts about it when I have listened to the album a few times.

One of my favorite bands in the past 12 months Softwave has a new remix album out. I am definitely enjoying the remixes of their debut EP Together Alone. Go check it out.

I wonder if my neighbors are tired of hearing the throbbing sounds of "How It Came to be This Way" and "Desert Winds of Jezebel" off The Hating Tree, an album I have yet to get sick and tired of listening to. Damn shame I didn't have this album when I lived in Loring Park and had to deal with some noisy ass upstairs neighbors. I could have used this album to retaliate against their shitty house music with this album. I sure don't miss that place. Speaking of Autumn and The Hating Tree, I am sooo considering using their album cover as part of a future tattoo. Depending on if I end up getting an appointment in Chicago at Black Oak Tattoo in the fall (or not, I am kind of hoping not to be honest :P ). If not, I so want want to incorporate the moon and tree off The Hating Tree into a snow globe. All of this done in black ink. I love black ink tattoos.  Those are so damn dope. This is how freaking much I love that band and album. That and tattoos. LOL!

I so wish the Muna and Austra shows were not happening on the same night (i.e tonight). Both musical acts have put out some killer music. I ended up flipping a coin last week on which show I would go to and Austra won out. Good thing to be honest. The train ride home from Saint Paul is long and boring. At least my commute back into downtown Minneapolis is just under 15 minutes.

Another band I can not stop yakking about is Erotic Elk. I want people to stop sleeping on this band. If you like Apoptygma Berzerk and Neuroticfish, you really can't go wrong with this band.

I have been really getting myself psyched over the upcoming Aesthetic Perfection concert with Solar Fake and Nyxx. I have been really binging on Solar Fake and Nyxx's music. It will really be interesting to experience this concert because it will be at Club Underground, a tiny little venue in NE Minneapolis and the show is almost sold out. 

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