Saturday, February 11, 2017

Albums and Playlists I Am Currently Listening to


For the longest time ever, I have been wanting a copy of The Hating Tree by Autumn for a long ass time but every time I checked Amazon's website, the cheapest copy I could find was $39. That is until last week when I saw that there were a couple of copies available for $10. Long story short, my copy of my favorite Autumn album arrived in the mail today. As much as I enjoy streaming music through my tablet, nothing beats listening to CDs on my portable stereo. I love being able to crank up the volume on tracks like "How It Came To Be This Way" and "Desert Winds of Jezebel". Now I can say I have both Autumn albums in my CD collection. Right now my favorite song at the moment is "Desert Winds of Jezebel".

Another current favorite album is Muna's About U. Really great infectious dark pop music. It is rare for me to find pop music that I can enjoy and not feel embarrassed for liking the music.

After last Saturday night's show at the Triple Rock, I have been binging on The Rope's music.

As funny as the name Erotic Elk is, their most recent album III is nothing to laugh at. It is my current favorite synthpop album at the moment. I definitely recommend checking them out.

Next week I am going to see Austra after listeniing to her latest album Future Politics a few times. The album has definitely grown on me quite considerably. When I had the day off on Thursday, I made a trip to the Electric Fetus and picked up a ticket to Austra. I am so looking forward to seeing her perform live.

With the Kite show next month, I have been listening to their EPs on Spotify. I am particularly fond of V. That is my favorite release by the Swedish synthpop group.

After the terrific White Lies concert, I been listening to Vowws' album The Great Sun. It is definitely one of those albums that doesn't grab the listener's attention right away. The music has been slowly growing on me with every listen.


I haven't been listening to a lot of my playlists. I have been on an odd Erasure kick lately and quickly put my playlist together last week. I suppose all the listening to the pop sounds of Muna, I started having a craving to hear some Erasure. I wish I could say I like their most recent material but I can't. I pretty much prefer their older stuff. I am particularly fond of their album Cowboy.

Three days after seeing White Lies live, I am still listening to my playlist of all their albums (with the random button turned on). They are so damn good.

I have been updating my work soundtrack with some of my favorite songs here and there. Always looking to improve it to make my work day more bearable.

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