Saturday, February 25, 2017

Albums and Playlists I Am Currently Listening to

This week I have been listening to more albums than my playlists. Like the funny weather here in the midwest that has been happening this past week, my mood changes.

I recently picked up the latest albums by Amaranthe and Epica from the library a couple of days ago. The jury is still out on the new Epica album but I am liking the new Amaranthe album Maximize a lot more than the first time I heard it last year. The music is super catchy. "On the Rocks" and "Endlessly" are my favorite tracks on the album. As for Epica, I am just not feeling it especially with the male vocals.

I have been neglecting Return to the Breath from Autumn - U.S band too long because I am constantly playing The Hating Tree either at work or at home (I'm sure my neighbors are not loving what is coming out of my condo unit...haha). I think after first seeing them live at the Faith and The Muse concert several years ago, I went on Amazon and found myself a copy of the band's second album Return to the Breath. I think. My memory sucks. Anyways it is such a good freaking album especially with songs like "Red", "All My Lovers" and "Lullaby for Marguerite", my three favorite tracks off the album.

The jury is still out with the verdict with the new Blutengel album Leitbild. Some of the songs are starting to grow on me and some I just find nothing to write home about. The band's last album of original material didn't impress me and I am afraid that this is another dull, lifeless album from one of my favorite bands. There really is no stand out track like there has been on albums like Demon Kiss, Labyrinth, and Tranenherz. Even Monument has its share of catchy tunes and that album was far from perfect. I have never been so disappointed in a band that I love so much than I have been with Blutengel lately :\.

What is really good right now? The new Sixth June album Virgo Rising. If you like darkwave music, Virgo Rising is right up your alley. I discovered Sixth June a few years ago through youtube and have been a fan since then. I enjoy listening to the album from start to finish. Very solid effort.

Still on my Nyxx and Muna kick lately ;). Just adore their music so much. Pop music wouldn't be so horrendous if there were more groups like Muna, Shura, and Tegan and Sara.

Last weekend I threw on Letting Go by Stray (Erica Dunham's other project) in my stereo. I completely have neglected that album for way too damn long. That album is so bloody damn good and so are the remixes. Usually I get bored with bonus remix cds but with the remix cd for Letting Go that is definitely not the case and I listened to the entire disc. I also recommend her other album Abuse by Proxy which is very good in my book.

The more I listen to my Kite playlist, the more excited I am getting about their show at Amsterdam Bar and Hall in a couple of weeks. If it wasn't for my upcoming trip to Chicago in April, I would go to Kite's show in LaCrosse, WI. Oh well, my trip to Chicago will be so much fun. I have had that planned months in advanced.



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