Friday, February 10, 2017

My Current Favorite Songs

Since I wrote my review on the White Lies/Vowws concert last night,tonight I would post my playlist of my current favorite songs. After a great weekend of live music, I been binging on music by Autumn (US band) and The Rope so I have a couple of songs by those two excellent local bands here in Minnesota. As if I I have to really explain my absolute adoration of Autumn but I do think they need to be heard. I wouldn't be yakking about the band so much on my blog if I did not enjoy their music as much as I do, not to mention believe that their music should be heard on a larger scale. The Rope is so damn freaking awesome. I really do need to go see them live more often. I also have a couple of songs by White Lies and a song from Vowws. You could say I had a great week in live music. I especially been binging on White Lies all week long before and after the concert. That band is so good live and recorded.

On a different side of music, I am totally digging the dark pop sounds of Muna. I absolutely adore their latest single "I Know a Place" but for this week's playlist I have my new favorite song "Around U". I would totally be going to their show at the Turf Club had Austra not be playing the Triple Rock that same night (an artist whose music is also featured on this week's playlist).

Being part of the Kilted Farmer street team, I have included a few tracks from a couple of upcoming shows (i.e Aesthetic Perfection and Kite). I know shameless promotion ;). I am particularly fond of Nyxx at the moment. Super excited for the Aesthetic Perfection show coming up later this month.

I have been on a weird Erasure kick lately especially been listening a lot of their album Cowboy which is my other favorite Erasure album next to The Innocence. Also threw in some Robyn from her 2010 album Body Talk, one of my all time favorite pop albums. She needs to put out a follow up album to that album, just saying ;).

Also another shameless promotion since I can't add any of their music via Spotify so I'll pimp their music out separately:please check out my friend Tracey's band Promidal. They are freaking awesome.

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