Friday, February 3, 2017

Music worth buying from Bandcamp

In case you haven't heard, Bandcamp recently announced that for the entire day (February 3,2017). 100% of their share of proceeds will be donated to the ACLU . You can read more about it here. I thought I would share some music I think is worth spending your hard earned $$$ on.

I can't say enough good things about the self-titled album by Strvngers. This Canadian darkwave/electropop band's album is just so damn good.

I first heard of Ari Mason through youtube a couple of years ago. I haven't looked back since then.

Nyxx is one of my current favorite artists at the moment. She is currently touring with Aesthetic Perfection and Solar Fake. Vocally Nyxx reminds me of Britney Spears but musically she is more dark electropop. Really great music.

This is one of my personal favorite hip hop albums EVER! P.O.S's anarchist lyrics and delivery is the dopest shit I have ever heard in that genre.

If you haven't heard of SPC ECO, you should now especially if you are a fan of Curve because ex-Curve guitarist Dean Garcia is in SPC ECO. Dark Matter was one of my favorite releases of 2015. Every now and then I can hear a bit of Curve slowly creeping into the group's music. Just fantastic stuff.

Softwave is one of my current favorite synthpop bands at the moment. I discovered them last year via Bandcamp. I was perusing the synthpop section and the rest is history. I would love to see more people download their music which is wonderful IMO.

Future Perfecthas been one of my favorite bands for the past few years. I discovered them through youtube with the song "Hunter" which immediately made me a fan.

Sadly Emyprean Asunder no longer exists but it doesn't mean that their music should not be bought and downloaded.

And a few more releases worth investing $$$ in:

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