Monday, February 27, 2017

Playlist of the Week

I have to admit that I quickly constructed this playlist for my Playlist of The Week pick a few minutes ago but the idea just came to my head at this moment. I have had ideas for my blog come to me when I least expect it, like when I am at work or in this case at home chilling out.

Moby for me hasn't been the consistent artist IMO so I skipped a few albums of his (i.e Animal Rights and Last Night). I was first introduced to Moby in the mid-'90s to a former roommate of mine named Brian. He was big into techno music in that era. He played Moby's Play incessantly to a point which me and another roomie bought our own copies of Play. I should note Brian was also responsible for introducing me to Leftfield, Delerium, The Crystal Method, Future Sound of London, and Juno Reactor. He really had some excellent taste in music and obviously left a huge influence on my musical tastes.

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