Sunday, February 5, 2017

Concerts I went to over the weekend

Believe it or not this weekend I was a busy girl and went to two local shows in Minneapolis. Nice way to start off the new year as far as live shows is concerned. The shows I went to this weekend were the first two live shows I have been to in 2017. These shows were a much needed reprieve from my week long bout of depression (and let me tell you Friday was the worst for me). Friday night I went over to Club Underground for some live metal under the banner Winter Chaos which features one of my favorite bands in the Twin Cities Promidal. This band never ceases to entertain me with their live shows. While the band's line up, stage show and sound has evolved over the 2-3 years I have been watching them, I have always loved the band's sound and live shows. The show also featured some excellent local (industrial) metal bands like Volsungasaga, Mortificator, and My Zero (a new fave of mine). Sadly I couldn't stay for the entire show but I saw 90% of the show and the bands killed it on stage.

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Saturday night I went over to the Triple Rock Social Club to see a couple of my favorite local bands in the postpunk scene and a new band. Headlining the show was The Rope, Finesse featuring Patrick Donohoe of Principality opened up the show, and my personal fave darkwave darlings Autumn (U.S band) played in the middle of the show. Finesse was excellent. They reminded me a bit of Spandau Ballet and Pet Shop Boys with their brand of synthpop or new wave music. I certainly hope to catch more live performances from this duo.

Up next was my absolutely favorite band of the trio tonight (sorry to the guys in The Rope) Autumn. Since the band reunited a couple of years ago, I have not been this excited over a local band in ages (with the exception of Promidal whose shows I try to haul my introverted ass out the door as much as possible unless I have to work the next day). Since I have started catching the band live last year (which I admit have been a couple of times), lead singer Julie Plante continues to impress me with her powerful, operatic vocals with every performance I have seen in the past few months and with her alluring stage presence, Julie is a force to reckon with and one that cannot nor should be ignored. IMHO not many women in the music industry can match delivery and range that Julie possesses as an artist. She bloody fucking rocks in my book.  No matter how many times I have listened to tracks like "Red" and "How It Came To Be This Way', I can never get sick of hearing them especially live as I did last night. I am particularly fond of the latter song. First of all I love the throbbing basslines, and secondly I adore the confrontational delivery of Julie's vocals. The band even performed a new song which was excellent but then again the band could perform the entire phone book and I still would enjoy it. I am excited that the band is working with William Faith of Faith and The Muse for their third album which is awesome news to report. There was nothing about Autumn's set I did not enjoy (same with Finesse).

Lesson of the night: change batteries in camera before heading out to the concert venue or bring extra batteries. My video footage of "Seconds" is cut short because I was a total idiot and forgot to bring extra batteries. Today I made a Target run for some batteries in the future. lol. On the upside the footage did turn out quite well. I really think it showcases Julie's talents. She is so grossly underappreciated (as is her bandmates) in the music scene it is criminal.

Finally is The Rope who I hadn't seen lives in a few years. I had only seen the band one time and enjoyed every second of their performance. Last night's show the band reminded me why I need to go see them in concert more often. They were absolutely fantastic! Because of my poor judgment and not bringing any extra batteries, I couldn't take better photographs the band so excuse the shitty quality of these photos. This band definitely can draw a crowd in Minneapolis, which is mostly a indie rock/hip hop scene. I was really impressed with the number of fans that showed up to the triple Rock last night and seeing how passionate these fans are.

A good time was had this weekend for sure. Seeing some of my favorite local bands is just what I needed to get myself out of the dark hole I had been in since last Monday. That is not an easy feat for this introvert. 

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