Thursday, February 9, 2017

White Lies with Vowws at The Cedar Cultural Center 02.08.17

Last night I went out to The Cedar Cultural Center in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood in Minneapolis to see White Lies and Vowws. Up until now I had never heard of Vowws. They are a dark electro/experimental band from Sydney, Australia but based in LA, featuring members Matt (guitars) and Rizz (synths). Prior to the show I had only heard of their song they collaborated with Gary Numan on "Losing Myself in You". They put on a 45 minute set which for this blogger started off a bit on the slow start. Personally I felt like the beginning of their set sounded like one continuous song. The first few songs sounded way too much a like. I don't know if it is because of the acoustics at The Cedar (which is an unusual venue for this show considering the fact that they tend to put on shows that aren't in the post-punk/electro genres). As Vowws continued on though, their songs started to develop their own identity and I started to get into the music. Even the people I hung out at the show agreed with me that the beginning of their set started out flat but the music eventually improved. One of the first things that came to my mind is that the folks behind Dark Energy should be spinning these guys' music, if they are not already. Go check out their music. I listened to it for the first time today and I enjoyed it immensely.According to Matt, the duo is currently working on new music.

Up next was White Lies, a UK based post-punk band which I have only started listening to for the past couple of years. Their album White Lies was listed as my favorite album of 2016. I absolutely love their fusion of synth and rock. There is neither too much of either. Their music has both the right blend of each sounds. Couple that with Harry's gorgeous vocals, the results is pure bliss. As far as male singers are concerned, Harry McVeigh is my very favorite. I was always wondering how his deep vocals would translate live and I was not disappointed for one second. His voice was just as impressive live as it is recorded.

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A fun time was had by all int he venue including myself. I was not disappointed in the set list. The songs was a good mix of old and new songs. I would totally go see the band live in a heartbeat. I hope it doesn't take another seven years to see White Lies in concert again which is the last time they were in Minneapolis. Here is the set list from last night's set:

Set list: Take It Out on Me / There Goes Our Love Again / To Lose My Life / Getting Even / The Price of Love / Farewell to the Fairground / Morning in LA / Is My Love Enough / Unfinished Business / From the Stars / A Place to Hide / Don’t Want to Feel It All / Death Encore: Big TV / Come On / Bigger Than Us

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