Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Album of the week

So for the past week and a half, I have been enjoying the hell out of the new Kirlian Camera album Hologram Moon. I bought the digital copy of the deluxe version via google play while I wait for my copy to arrive in the mail from Out of Line. Another reason is that I really can't stream the album online via bandcamp or Spotify so I had to buy a copy online but I am okay about it. I happy to support one of my favorite bands by buying both a digital and hard copies of their music. I have already done this with bands like Ayria, and Autumn. I recommend going to either Google Play or iTunes to download the album if you want to hear Hologram Moon in its entirety. I am sure though eventually the album will be completely available for streaming. Eventually.

As for the album itself, I was not disappointed with Hologram Moon at all. I took to the music right away like I did with 2011's Nightglory (their follow up album Black Summers Choir not so much although I have come to appreciate the album slowly but surely just not right away). The first single off the album "Sky Collapse" featuring Eskil from Covenant was one of my favorite singles in 2017. In the several years I have been listening to Kirlian Camera, I have never heard the band collaborate with other artists until now. I was thrilled when I saw Covenant mentioned on the single. The song itself is wonderful. I love the melodies. I honestly prefer the original track as opposed to the remixes on the single but that's just me. On the album there is a gorgeous Italian version sung only by Elena which I absolutely adore. That song along makes it so worth buying the album

What made me not take to Black Summers Choir right away was for me I felt the music was lacking in memorable melodies like I heard on Nightglory. I felt the album was rushed hence there was not much effort put into the music. Melodies is the first thing I look out for in music, then the production. On Hologram Moon, Kirlian Camera really took the time to work on their music and it shows here. The music is classic Kirlian Camera, dark synthwave would be my best description for their music but still accessible AF. There is the occasional darkwave/ambient instrumental track added intot he mix but they are short and they pave way for the next song from Elena. Although it is not my favorite song lyrically, "I Don't Sing" is ridiculously catchy and is a perfect earworm to have stuck in one's head. On this album, KC does a gnarly cover of Placebo's "Too Many Friends". I have included a live clip of their version to give my readers an idea of the song. I love it but my favorite cover the band does is Ultravox's "Hymn" but "Too Many Friends" comes in a close second.

If you haven't listened to Kirlian Camera's music before, now is a great time to check them out. They are one of my top 20 all time favorite bands. 

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