Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Album of the Week

Picking this week's Album of the Week was not very easy for me. I had a tough choice between Visions of Atlantis's The Deep and The Dark, Brandi Carlile's By the Way, I Forgive You, and Junksista's Promiscuous Tendencies. It really was a tough choice. I love all three albums. Ultimately I went with By The Way, I Forgive You. I have been listening to the album since it came out last Friday.

I am a fairly new fan to Brandi's music. I started listening to her music last year when I picked up The Story from the library and eventually bought my own copy because I listened to the album so much I wanted my own copy and to support Brandi as a fan. What struck me is her innate talent for songwriting and to tell a story in her lyrics like Dolly Parton, one of Brandi's idols. This also applies to her songs on the new album especially on songs like "The Mother" and "Fulton County Jane Doe". I really like how raw and intimate the album sounds. It almost sounds like a live album to me especially on tracks like "Whatever You Do" which is mostly Brandi on acoustic guitar with some strings  in the background. It is a beautifully haunting track. I have to admit that "Hold Out Your Hand" was one of those tracks that I initially did not care for but as time went on and I listened more to the album and the song itself, the song grew on me. I can't say it is my favorite track on the album but I definitely enjoy it a lot more than the first time I heard the song.  The entire album is a  real gem and a real joy to listen to. I really do need to see Brandi live in concert. From what I have been told she is a fantastic entertainer as well as musician. Personally she should tour with local artist Chastity Brown who put out the terrific album Silhouette of Sirens. Just saying ;).

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