Friday, February 16, 2018

Current favorite songs of the week

Happy Friday! It is a three day weekend for me. I took Monday off just to avoid dealing with the crappy winter weather happening sometime between Sunday and Monday. Also I rather see Black Panther during the week instead of the weekend with everyone else under the sun.

I have quite a bit of new tracks on this week's playlist. New songs by Brandi Carlile, Junksista, Visions of Atlantis, Boytronic, Cosmic Armchair, Psy'Aviah and Anders Manga. Got a couple of 2017 faves by the likes of The Dark Element and Grendel. For those Nightwish fans who miss Anette Olzon (believe me there are those fans), do check out The Dark Element's self-titled album featuring Anette. It is so damn good.

This week has been a good week for new music. Today Brandi Carlile and Visions of Atlantis put out new albums. I have already listened to the new Brandi Carlile album By the Way, I Forgive You twice. So far, the only song I do not like on the album is "Hold Out Your Hand", otherwise I really liked the rest of the album. It goes by pretty quickly. My current favorite song on the album is the opening track "Every Time I Hear That Song".

The new Visions of Atlantis album The Deep and The Dark is quite good. I really need to listen to the rest of the band's catalog. I really like their sound and the new album. I finally got to check them out after Exit Eden's album because Clementine is part of the super group.

My favorite album at the moment is the new Junksista album Promiscuous Tendencies. I can always  count on that band for their raunchy and hilarious lyrics. I think it is their best album to date. Just so much fun to listen to. "Monster" is my current favorite track. I love the hip hop vibe.

If you haven't heard the new Psy'Aviah album Lightflare yet, do it especially the deluxe edition. On the second disc, there is a fantastic track titled"Earth, Wind, Fire, Air and Sky" featuring Om Namaha Shivaya. The song is a total departure from the usual electronica fare one would expect from Yves. It is a New Age/Ambient vibe. I love it!

I am still bummed that the new Autumn album Chandelier has been pushed back to March 23. That said I have no doubt the wait will be worth it. In the meantime I added a long time favorite song of the band's "Red". I would say it is in my top five favorite Autumn songs.

I have been on a L7 kick all week after buying my ticket for their upcoming concert at First Avenue in April. I am so excited for that show. I had a difficult time picking out what song to add to t his week's playlist but eventually I chose my long time fave "Everglade". Also excited for the upcoming Belly concert at the Fine Line too which I also got my ticket for their show this week.

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