Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Earworm of the week

I have been listening a lot to Felix Marc's latest album Alternative Facts quite a bit this week. It is one of my favorite [synthpop] albums from 2017. I really had a difficult time choosing between his album and Namnambulu's Borders for my number album on my best of 2017 list. Ultimately it was Borders that ended up on top but that does not mean that Alternative Facts was any less good. It was such a tough call. Both albums got me back into synthpop after getting kinda bored with the music for the past couple of years.

My personal favorite song off Alternative Facts is "Vain". Because I didn't have such a great 2017, the lyrics resonates with me so well on an emotional level which does not happen a lot in synthpop music with me. Then there are the melodies and the production which is just top notch. Everything about this song to me is flawless. It is a beautifully well written and well sung song. Perfect in my book.

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