Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Weekly office playlist

First of all, in case you missed my tweet this morning Autumn's third album Chandelier has been pushed back to March 23. It was supposed to be released today but this morning I learned that the album won't be unleashed for another month. To say I am disappointed is putting it mildly but I have no doubt when it does come out it will be worth the wait just like the new Kirlian Camera album Hologram Moon (which my deluxe copy finally arrived today and let me tell you waiting for that album to get to my residency felt like eternity). In the meantime, I'll be listening to their new single "The Fall" and their first two albums religiously (as if I don't already).

So in the past several days I have been PO to see how expensive tickets for Depeche Mode was and that Ticket Web would not refund me my money because I accidentally bought a ticket to the Cleveland show for Nightwish. I made up for that this week by buying a ticket for the upcoming L7 show at First Avenue in April. This week I have been binging on L7 via Spotify in honor of their upcoming concert. As much as I love Bricks Are Heavy album, Smell the Magic is my favorite L7 album. It is far less polished production-wise and just a helluva lot of fun to listen to at work. I have yet to listen to Slap Happy and The Beauty Process. I will be honest when Jennifer Finch left L7 in the '90s, I also left the band. I was listening to other types of music. I definitely need to hear the band's last two albums for sure.

Now that the Diary of Dreams show has been confirmed, I really need to listen to a good portion of their catalog. I have only heard a few of their albums. I am super excited about that show since Autumn will be opening up for them (along with Echo Signal).

Since I didn't post this on Sunday, I will post some of the music that I am listening to at the office or plan on listening to this week. It is a short list since it is Wednesday and the week is almost over.

All My Faith Lost: As You Are Vanishing in SIlence

Artesia: Llydaw

Autumn: The Hating Tree

Autumn: Return to the Breath

The Bellwether Syndicate: The Night Watch

Boytronic: Jewel

Clan of Xymox: Creatures

Corde Oblique: A Hail of Bitter Almonds

Cosmic Armchair: Valentine

Diary of Dreams: Hell in Eden

Diary of Dreams: Ego:X

Empathy Test: Safe From Harm

IAMX: Kingdom of Welcome Addiction

Invocation Array: Onyx Philomela

Junksista: Promiscuous Tendencies

Kirlian Camera: Hologram Moon

L'ame Immortelle: Hinter dem Horizont

Lovelorn Dolls: Darker Ages

L7: Smell the Magic

L7: Bricks Are Heavy

L7: L7

L7: Slap Happy

L7: The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum

L7: Hungry For Stink

Mishka: The Journey

Rising Appalachia: Wider Circles

Summoning: With Doom We Come

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