Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Album of the week

I had difficult time picking which album was going to be this week's Album of the Week between Dessa's Chime, Visions of Atlantis' The Deep and The Dark, and Lights by The Fauns (a  dreamp pop band I just discovered yesterday on Spotify). In the end Dessa's new album Chime won out.

I have been listening to it religiously since it dropped on Friday. Hip hop music is a hit or miss with me. I like some but not all of the genre (there is still too much misogyny and homophobia in hip hop  music). What I like about Dessa is that she isn't trying to be like some of mainstream hip hop stars whom I won't waste space here mentioning their names. Her music is personal and introspective. Dessa is just being herself and honest.

I became a fan of Dessa roughly about two years ago when I borrowed Parts of Speech from the library, I loved the album so much I bought my own copy. Over the weekend when I saw that the Electric Fetus's business was a bit slow, I decided to make a trip there and pick up a copy of Chime.  I am not going to lie her ballads (on any of her albums) are my favorite tracks but I dig her more upbeat/hip hop tracks. Dessa never ceases to amaze me how she can move from spitting out rhymes aggressively to singing soulfully without much effort. I was a bit surprised by how short Chime was but that is okay, it is a wonderful album. I really dug "Boy Crazy", "Half of You" and "Say When". Those are my favorite tracks. I kinda wished that I didn't slept on her upcoming show at First Avenue in April because it is now sold out. One day I will catch Dessa live. One day.

Songs to check out: 
5 out of 6
Boy Crazy
Half of You
Say when

You can buy a digital copy here: https://dessa.bandcamp.com/album/chime

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