Saturday, February 17, 2018

Albums and playlists I am currently listening to

This week has been a good week for new music. The new Junksista album Promiscuous Tendencies has been my jam at the moment. I need to listen to the deluxe edition when I have the time. Still enjoying the hell out of the new Kirlian Camera album Hologram Moon which arrived in the mail this week. It was definitely worth the $70 I dropped for it.

Today I have been listening to more of the new Brandi Carlile and Visions of Atlantis albums. They are so damn good. I am not crazy about "Hold  Out Your Hand" on Brandi's album By the Way, I Forgive You but the rest of her album is top notch. She is a stellar singer/songwriter. Lyrically, she is on par with Dolly Parton IMO. She really knows how to tell a story in her music. I rarely hear that in music nowadays.

I absolutely love The Deep and The Dark by Visions of Atlantis. I really enjoy listening to the album so much the time just flies by so quickly. I love that the album ends with the ballad "Prayer to the Lost". It is a beautiful song.

I don't know where the hell I have but Cindergarden put out a new album last year called Architectures of the Becoming. I have only listened to it once today but I really liked what I had heard. And next month there will be a Leonard Cohen tribute album from Cindergarden. That should be really interesting to hear. It comes out on the 23rd, the same day Chandelier by Autumn comes out.

Been on a massive L7 kick this week because I bought my ticket for their show in April at First Avenue. I am so excited. The one time I saw the band live was at Lollapalooza. Now I get to see a full set from them in a club setting.

With the Nightwish concert in Chicago coming up, I have been listening to my Nightwish playlist quite a bit. Despite the ticket mishap, I did buy my Chicago ticket this week. Actually I have to pick it up at the box office because I bought it through Enter the Vault since TicketBastard has a $16 service fee tacked on to the $55 ticket. Now I am just watching the airline rates via Hipmunk and Kayak. This will be a fun show. It is always fun to go to Chicago for concerts. People in Chicago aren't assholes like here in the Twin Cities.



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