Saturday, February 24, 2018

Albums and playlists I am currently listening to

I really didn't listen to much of my playlists this week. Just the usual random mixes and my Autumn playlist. March 23rd can't get here fast enough. I am way too excited about the new Autumn album and to  hear the music on it.

For the last couple of days I have been listening to a lot of Diary of Dreams. I wanted to start prepping myself up for the now cancelled show. Rumor has it the tour was cancelled for financial issues. Bummer. I haven't seen the band Autumn live since 2017 and been excited to see them again with DoD. Oh well. Still plan on listening to the entire Diary of Dreams catalog. I plan on putting together a playlist of my favorite DoD songs for a later time. So far The Anatomy of Silence and Elegies in Darkness are my favorite Diary of Dreams albums.

Asides from Diary of Dreams, I have been listening to last year's Architectures of the Becoming by Cindergarden. The music is a mix of industrial and electronica. It is a lengthy album with 20 tracks, a double CD. There have been moments when I have been reminded of Switchblade Symphony but without the trip hop beats. Great music. Certainly recommend giving them a listen.

Yesterday at work, I came across the sounds of Anilah on spotify.  Really liking the fusion of ambient, world, prog rock, and new age.

Kristof Bathory of Dawn of Ashes has a new band called Bornless Fire. Their album Arcanum was released yesterday. I am not going to pretend to be the once huge fan of harsh electro that I once was, I just can't. It isn't a bad album but my taste in music has definitely changed in the last couple of years. Harsh electro really isn't my thing any more.

The new Dessa album Chime is great. One day I will catch a live performance from her. One day.

Last night in my blog I mentioned the bands The New Creatures and Silene, two gothic rock bands from NYC and Finland. Interesting music from both although I think The New Creatures music is a more compelling to listen to.



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