Friday, February 23, 2018

My current favorite songs of the week

This week's playlist consists of a lot of new music. I would say about 70% of the mix is new, 30% older tracks. Got new tracks by Dessa, Belly, Junksista, Brandi Carlile, Bornless Fire, Visions of Atlantis, and The Rain Within. I only listened to the new Dessa album Chime once today but I really liked what I had heard so far.  I need more time with the new Bornless Fire and The Rain Within albums that recently came out. They are not bad per say but at the moment they don't stick out with me as much as say the new Junksista, Visions of Atlantis,and Brandi Carlile albums do. I haven't listened to the albums long enough for the music to sink into my subconsciousness but I definitely plan on listening to them a lot more. Absolutely love the new Junksista, Visions of Atlantis, and Brandi Carlile albums. They have been getting lots of play via Spotify.

Today and yesterday I had been binging on Diary of Dreams' catalog because of their now cancelled show in September :(. I have gotten through five albums so far. I do plan on going through the rest of Adrian Hate's catalog. Damn shame I won't be seeing DoD live this fall. Anyways, I have thrown in a couple of my favorite songs from Diary of Dreams from what I have heard so far.. I am currently compiling a list of my favorite DoD songs for a few blog entry later down the road.

Discovered a couple of new goth bands on Spotify believe it or not. One band I found is called The New Creatures. They are a New York based band. Found them via Strap On Halo's Spotify page under related artists. Good stuff. I really love their song "Faith" featured here on my playlist. The other band I discovered is Silene. Kinda reminds me of Diva Destruction (I miss that band). Their song "Invisible Girl" is featured on the playlist. I enjoy both bands' music. I listen to a shit load of synthpop during the day so it is nice to take breather and listen to some goth music.

Belly has a new song out called "Shiny Ones". Okay so it is not "Feed the Tree" or "Gepetto" but it is a good solid song. Dig the harmonizing that goes on in the song. Super excited about their upcoming album and show at The Fine Line.

Despite being disappointed about Diary of Dreams not playing Minneapolis, I am excited about that Nahko and Medicine for the People are coming to Minneapolis with a couple of other bands in September. I am definitely attending that show. I have found the music Nahko and Medicine for the People to be so comforting in the past several months after the traumatic events of last summer which left me very angry and bitter, let alone depressed after my father passed away. My current favorite song from the band is "Love Letters to God". I am so not a religious person but I absolutely love this song. The lyrics are gorgeous and I find them so comforting especially this week which for some reason I have been anything but happy. I suppose this will happen when one loses a parent (or loved one) and has to go through the whole grieving process. It really doesn't help that prior to the death of my father, I experienced trauma that left me quite angry and bitter. Coupled with my grief, my emotions of lately have been up and down like a roller coaster. Music like "Love Letters to God" has given me some comfort despite my mood.

If you haven't heard the new Cindergarden album Architectures of the Becoming, I definitely recommend giving it a listen. I will be honest, it has been a long time (try a few years or more :P ) since I last listened to Cindergarden's music but since I heard a track off this album earlier this week, I have been hooked. With Switchblade Symphony gone, Cindergarden is the next best thing to Switchblade Symphony but even better in my book.

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