Saturday, February 3, 2018

Albums, singles, and playlists I am currently listening to

I have been on a massive '90s kick. I have edited and updated my '90s playlist. I might have to create another '90s playlist because I know I have forgotten some other faves from that decade.

I just started listening to the new IAMX album Alive in New Light not long ago. I am really enjoying the album so far. I certainly recommend checking it out ASAP. It has been awhile since I have last listened to IAMX's music but I certainly will have to play catch up since I am liking the new album quite a bit.

This week I just started listening to the artist iamamiwhoami because she has worked on a track on the upcoming Sleepthief album. According to its FB, iamamiwhoami is an audiovisual project lead by Jonna Lee. I have only listened to Blue twice but I can definitely say Jonna's music is quite good. The music is somewhere between chill out/downtempo and synthpop. It is very laid back and mellow.

So last weekend I went to see the latest Pixar film Coco. I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did or get all emotional at the ending. Loved the soundtrack too. Very catchy music. I especially love the track "El Latido de mi Corazin".

My current favorite albums at the moment are Hologram Moon and Lightflare by Kirlian Camera and Psy'Aviah. I have really been enjoying Hologram Moon. I bought the digital copy of the deluxe version while I wait for my 2 CD and book version from Out of Line Records. I am reminded of their last two albums as well as their darkwave roots a couple of decades ago.

Albums to check out:
Blue by iamamiwhoami
Hologram Moon by Kirlian Camera
Lightflare by Psy'Aviah
Alive in New Light by IAMX




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