Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Album of the week

Ever since I got back yesterday from Chicago I have been listening to Nightwish's Decades compilation as a reminder of the fantastic show I saw on Saturday night. Decades consists of two decades worth of past and present Nightwish songs. The majority of the compilation does consist of music with Tarja Turunen. Considering the fact that Tarja was in the band for nearly a decade  [and spent the longest time in the band before Anette and Floor] prior her abrupt departure from the band, it comes as no surprise that most of the material would feature Tarja on vocals.

I enjoyed most of the compilation but there are a few tracks that I am not particularly fond of. The first is "The Greatest Show on Earth". The narration from Richard Dawkins is annoying and unnecessary, and the fact the song is 24 minutes long tries my patience. The other songs I am not a fan of are the tracks from the band's demo Angels Fall First "Elvenpath", "The Carpenter", and "Nightwish". Just didn't like the band's very early sounds but in their defense this was their demo and they still needed time to develop their symphonic metal sound.

I am glad that Tuomas had the common human decency to not re-record the tracks (which a lot of Nightwish fans were hoping for) for this compilation. I think it would have been extremely insulting to the former singers and from what I have seen in youtube clips with Tuomas, he felt the same way. He wanted to respect the original singers on the older songs. The more I have listened to this compilation, the more I have come to appreciate Anette Olzon's contributions to the band especially on "Storytime" and "I Want My Tears Back". I am glad that Anette has finally found a band that really is more suited for her style of singing in The Dark Element. I personally believe Floor Jansen was meant to be the frontwoman for Nightwish. After seeing her live on Saturday night, she has proven again that she is more than capable to sing the songs that Tarja and Anette originally sang on.

It definitely has been over ten years since I started listening to Nightwish. Wishmaster was the first Nightwish album I bought (I believe it was in 2001 when I bought it) and ever since then I have been. Despite the various line up changes I have always remained a fan. I wish many more years of recording, performing, and success for the band. 

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