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L7 with Death Valley Girls at First Avenue on 04.19.18

Ever since the band L7 reunited back in 2014, I have been patiently waiting for the band to make trip to Minneapolis for a sure. Yeah it took a few years but my favorite band from the 1990's finally returned to the Twin Cities. The one time I did see them was in 1994 at Lollapalooza on Harriet Island. So it took 24 years for me to see them again. It was so worth the wait.

The band took LA band Death Valley Girls on tour with them. I was really impressed with Death Valley Girls. They were a ton of fun to watch with their high energy, raw, unrestrained brand of gutter rock or punk rock. I hope that the band returns to the Twin Cities as a headliner one day, maybe do a show at 7th St Entry. I really dug their sound and their live performance.

You can check out DVG's latest album on bandcamp. It is really good but the band sounds even better live.

As for L7, they did not disappoint me at all. They put on a helluva live show. Unfortunately for guitarist/vocalist Suzi Gardner, she was under the weather but she was a real trooper and did not let her illness get the better of her. The band was so highly entertaining to watch especially bassist/vocalist Jennifer Finch who obviously is not a fan of wearing shoes on stage. The band was so engaging with the audience and making eye contact with us it. For this fan who has been in a trash mood for the past several months, this meant the world for me. I could easily tell that the band really enjoyed each other's company on stage. I loved seeing Donita and Jennifer clown around on stage through out the evening.

Song-wise, I wish the band played "American Society" off their second album Smell the Magic considering today's political climate. Overall I wasn't disappointed in with their set list. It was a good mix of mostly older tunes and their new songs that they released last year and this year "Dispatch From Mar-A-Lago" and "I Came Back to Bitch". I was excited when the band ended the night with "Fast and Frightening". That song is perhaps my top favorite L7 song. Of course the band played "Pretend We're Dead" which is what they are most well known for and I was thrilled to hear "Everglade" and "Shitlist". I won't lie I didn't take to the new songs right away but after awhile, they have grown on me quite considerably. I especially love "Dispatch From Mar-A-Lago" which makes me laugh quite a bit which isn't an easy feat for me to do.

I definitely can say I had a great time at last night's show. It was really nice of the guy next to me to occasionally check in on me and my friend Renee to make sure we were alright especially when the audience got rowdy during L7's set. He didn't have to but he did. So thank you to the gentleman who made sure people like Renee and myself (as well as others) were okay.

Fuel My Fire
One More Thing
Off the Wagon
Crackpot Baby
Must Have More
I Came Back to Bitch
Freak Magnet
Dispatch From Mar-A-Lago

Pretend We're Dead
Fast and Frightening

Some photos I took from the show. I really couldn't get a good shot of drummer Dee Plakas but all I can say is that she is one hell of a drummer. Next to Lori Barbero of Babes and Toyland (word has it who was there at the show last night), Dee is my favorite drummer (regardless of gender).

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