Saturday, April 21, 2018

Current favorite songs of the week

Because of the L7 concert I attended on Thursday, I pushed back my weekly playlist a day. Of course I had to include a track from both L7 and Death Valley Girls. That was one helluva live show. So glad L7 played "Everglade" which is one of my all time favorite songs by the band. I would have been disappointed had I not heard that song live. The song is so aggressive but yet there are some great pop hooks to make the song linger in the listener's head.

Finally got around to listening to Adoration Destroyed this week. I like what I have heard but I just felt like I was listening to the same song over and over. I do like their cover of "Voices Carry" by 'Til Tuesday. I am thinking they will sound much better live. Can't wait to see them in June with Xentrifuge and FIRES.

This week I listened to a couple of new bands Choir Boy and Tourdeforce. I like what I had heard. I especially dug the synthpop sounds of Choir Boy. Choir Boy is touring with Cold Cave so I might have to go to that show. I need more time for Tourdeforce's music to grow on me and time for me to form some thoughts about it.

I am really digging the sounds of Venus in Aries. I bought her album [] last week. She reminds me of KidneyThieves, Snake River Conspiracy, and Android Lust.

Once again, this past week had me in a shit mood. It seems like pop music does help brighten up my mood. My current favorite song is from the first Princess Diaries movie "Miracles Can Happen" by Mya. It's super catchy and I am not sorry for liking the song. Also won't apologize for liking for "Wake me Up" by the now late Avicii. 28 is way too young to pass away. My heart goes to his family. It is funny I used to not like that song cause I would hear that at MN Lynx games and I quickly got sick of it but after listening to it yesterday for the first time in a long time, I found myself liking the song.

This week been listening a lot to Covenant, Autumn, and Helalyn Flowers so I have included a couple of tracks from those bands. I am really digging Kamikaze Angel by Helalyn Flowers. I definitely will be pre-ordering that album when it is ready to go. Until then I am binge listening to the new EP. The song has some solid, memorable pop hooks set to some great production.

Songs to check out:
"Death Valley Boogie" by Death Valley Girls
"Everglade" by L7
"Sunday Light" by Choir Boy
"Panic" by TourdeForce
"Judge of My Domain"

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