Saturday, April 14, 2018

Albums and Playlists I am currently listening to

With all the snow that has been falling, today has been a perfect day to crank up some Loreena McKennitt. So today It has been all about Loreena, with some Autumn and cheesy pop music thrown in between. Started listening Chandelier when I first started putting together tonight's blog entry. Now I am on my Marsheaux playlist.

Since I have been on a Marsheaux kick lately, I busted out their best of compilation Odyssey for the first time in a long time. What a great collection of Marsheaux songs. I adore their cover of "Pop corn". I recommend buying it (via Amazon) since their other albums are really pricey if you want physical copies of them.

I think of all the albums Conjure One has released, Extraordinary Ways is my least favorite. I like half the songs and the other half not so much. The first C1 album is a classic IMO. Do love the tracks with Poe on vocals. Those tracks are fantastic. This week I felt like I needed to listen to Extraordinary Ways again. I guess when I have loved the self-titled debut album so much, to expect the follow up to sound the same, I think I can take some of the blame for my disappointment in the album. I do love the most recent album Holoscenic.

Because of the upcoming Adoration Destroyed concert at the Red Sea, I have started listening to Xentrifuge and FIRES. I really like FIRES's brand of electro/industrial a lot. So far I like Xentrifuge's latest album too but I need to listen to it a few more times to give a final opinion. I have heard some of AD's music on youtube and liked what I have heard. I certainly plan on listening to their music more seriously in the coming days for my blog. I am definitely going to that show in June for all three bands.

Still listening the hell out of Decades by Nightwish which I got for free when I was at their show in Chicago as well as my playlist. I have noticed that on Spotify,  Dark Passion Play and the live album Showtime, Storytime have been removed. I do hope they come back on to the streaming platform.

Super excited about seeing L7 at First Avenue this coming week. Been cranking up Smell the Magic a lot. I love the raw energy of the album. That should be a fun show.


Marsheaux: Odyssey


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