Saturday, April 7, 2018

Albums and playlists I am currently listening to

After a week since its release, I am still listening to the hell out of Chandelier. I love that album to bits and pieces. I strongly believe the long ass wait was so worth it. Haven't gotten sick of listening to any of the songs. Also been listening the hell out of my copy of Decades by Nightwish that I got for free at their show in Chicago. I wish "She is My Sin" was included but beggars can't be choosers. No big deal though It is still a great compilation of the band from the past two decades with present and past singers.

I really wish I could have gone to The Soft Moon/Boy Harsher show but that was on the day I got back from Chicago, I already had requested that day and the day after the Covenant show to recover. I really am digging the coldwave sounds of Boy Harsher. I would have like to have seen them live. Their album Lesser Man is really good. I have listened to the album at work a few times this past week.

A good friend of mine finally discovered the joyous sounds of the Greek synthpop duo Marsheaux. I have been a longtime fan for either a decade or pretty damn close to it. I think I discovered them on Facebook and then listened to their music on YouTube. I think they are grossly overlooked in the American synthpop scene. My personal favorite Marsheaux album is Lumineaux Noir. It is also the first album I bought by them. They are like the female version of OMD. Go check them out.

Dug out The Eden House's wonderful 2017 album Songs For the Broken Ones It had been a few months since I last listened to it (because there are always other music that gets my attention). Still sounds as good as ever.

Just started listening to Pale Saints this week when one of their songs started playing on Spotify after I finished listening to Chandlier. Their music definitely piqued my curiosity. So far I have only listened to one album which is Slow Buildings. I have to admit the album has been a hit or miss with me but I certainly will have to listen to their other albums. I do like their overall sound.

Being a blogger, I often get links to other artists' music. I recently was sent a link to the playlist by a band from LA called Edgar Allan Poets, it is pretty obvious that where the band's name comes from. You can read about them on their Facebook page under Our Story. So I listened to some of their playlist. Most of it is really good but my taste in music clearly isn't alternative rock ala Alice in Chains, System of the Down, and Rammstein, and the music starts to sound the same to me.

Nyxx has started a monthly playlist on Spotify. If you have a Spotify account, go check it out. It is really good. She has some interesting taste in music.



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