Sunday, April 8, 2018

Covenant at Amsterdam Bar and Hall on 04.04.18

I finally got all my videos from this past week's Covenant show uploaded. In case you have missed seeing them, here there are in one blog post with some photos from the show. Asides from the commute from hell on the green line going home, the show was a lot of fun. I really dug the Sweatboys who are from LaCrosse, WI. I hope they can open up for another Kilted Farmers show in the near future. I loved their '80s new wave sound and campy stage performance. I didn't record any Le Hearse's set because using my point and shoot camera sucks up a lot of battery power. I did though enjoy Le Hearse's set immensely. Covenant was fantastic as expected. I wish I gotten "Call the Ships to Port" recorded but I did get "Dead Stars" so I am happy. Too bad going home from the concert on the green line was anything but fun. Next time I should bring a can of Lysol to disinfect myself.

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